The human race was supposed to be one united body. We constantly see a separation happening. Adam and Eve tragically separate themselves from the Garden and the Tree of Life that was freely offered to them. They separate themselves from God by hiding from Him instead of walking and talking with Him as a friend.

Cain and Abel were instructed on sacrifices by their heavenly father, but one separated himself as righteous, and one separated himself by his unrighteousness and created the first martyr, killing Abel for being pleasing to God. Noah separated himself from his generation by listening to God.

After the flood, the ground must have been very fertile and ready for growing food. Noah plants a vineyard and the separation continues. One of his sons sins against his father. His lineage is cursed because of it. There is a separation.

Canaan is cursed because of his father’s sins. The bloodline is corrupted and the cycle begins again. While all humans are born from Adam and Eve and Noah and his wife, there is a separation after that. The sons of Canaan become the Canaanites, the Philistines that will constantly attack Israel. They become the Palestinians today, who still are attacking Israel, though some have broken free through Jesus Christ.

God no longer curses a child for the father’s sin. The blessing of Jesus and freedom from the curse are available to the Canaanites of today.

The separation today is still along the bloodlines, though. We are separated by the blood of Jesus.