Destruction (The Power of Your Prayers)

Abraham’s nephew Lot lived in Sodom. It was his choice. He seemed to understand the wickedness of the city, but he chose to live there anyway.

The angels warn Lot that the city is about to be destroyed, and he is told to warn his family to get out of the city. Lot doesn’t get his family out. He warns his sons-in-law without enough fervency; we know because they don’t believe him. Lot didn’t believe it himself or he would have fled. He has to be forced out with his wife and daughters. He’s practically dragged out of the city.

His wife doesn’t believe enough to obey the angels’ order to not look back. She looks back and is destroyed. Lot’s daughters have such a small view of God and their world that they take it on themselves to provide for their future.

Lot asks to go to another place. He still doesn’t truly believe the angels and doesn’t trust that he will be safe. The angels seem a little fed up, but they wait for Lot to go where he wants. They say that they can’t do anything until Lot arrives at his destination. Lot must be saved.

He was saved because God was thinking of Abraham. He hadn’t even specifically requested Lot be saved, but God knew who Abraham was thinking of when he asked for the righteous to be spared. Or was Lot the only one counted righteous before God? We do know that he had trouble believing the angels, but we know he acted righteously by showing hospitality and defending his guests.

If you don’t act on something, then you don’t believe it. You can’t believe God saved you from your sin and then act as if you can’t help yourself. You can’t believe God forgave your past sin and then try to do penance to make up for it. Our actions show our beliefs. You can’t say you trust God and then act in every way as if you don’t. But even then, even when we are faithless, God is faithful. He can’t deny who He is.

God listened to His friend Abraham and saved Lot, despite Lot’s hesitancy, complaints, and demands. God figured out how to make it happen and accomplished it.

You can be bold and come to God about those you care about. You can expect Him to listen and care! You may look at a person or situation and feel it’s impossible, but God has never had that thought!