A Sign

God gives Moses a big task: “Go and bring My people out of Egypt.” Moses responds, “Who am I to do that?”

We know who he is! We read his story of eighty years condensed into one chapter. It’s harder to see the big picture when you are in the middle of it and it’s been 80 years.

God gives him this strange sign. He says that you’ll know that it is I, the Lord, who has sent you because after you have done it, you will serve God on this mountain. How is that sign encouraging? He won’t know if it’s true until after he has done it. What is God asking of Moses? He’s asking him to walk by faith and not by sight.

Have you ever wanted a sign? Maybe too often we’ve all wanted signs. If we know His will, we shouldn’t need more. There was a period of time in our family when we asked for signs. God was gracious to provide them. My husband was traveling to different countries to minister. It meant leaving me behind with the kids, with a baby, in a foreign country, no car, and spending lots of our money to do all that traveling. It was a gracious gesture to our marriage that God always gave us our sign to confirm each trip. It became a fun family event to watch for the sign.

We would ask that the Lord would have someone say the name of the country my husband thought he was supposed to go to within the next two days. It came up in all sorts of ways. A friend stopped by unexpectedly one morning at breakfast time and joined us at the table. She mentioned the country and we all started laughing.

Another time we ran into a certain couple at the park, the only time that ever happened, and they asked about his trip to Kyrgyzstan, a trip that he hadn’t taken or mentioned to anyone, but was now confirmed!

Jesus says an evil generation asks for a sign. It’s not what we should need to believe. Jesus also says we are blessed when we believe without seeing. We are saved by faith, and we can only have faith if we haven’t already seen.