God Gave Him Another Heart


Samuel anoints Saul king and gives him a list of things that are going to happen to confirm this is real. One of them is that the Spirit of the Lord will come upon Saul and turn him into a new man.

It says that as soon as Saul turned around to leave, he was given another heart.

What happens when we’re anointed? And yes, we’re anointed if the Holy Spirit has been poured into our hearts.

1 Corinthians 1:21-22 says, “And it is God who establishes us with you in Christ, and has anointed us, and who has also put his seal on us and given us his spirit in our hearts as a guarantee.”

The king was anointed, set apart for the task God had appointed him to.

We’re anointed, set apart for the task God has appointed us to, for God has created good works for each of us to accomplish for His purposes and His glory.

We have the oil of the Spirit poured out on us and we’re changed into a new man.

We’re sanctified, set apart, and we work out our sanctification, surrendering to Him all that’s not of Him, putting off the old man, and being renewed in our minds, putting on the new man of holiness and righteousness.

They rejected their God who saved them from all their calamities and distresses. We need to receive our King and serve our king. Yes, there are calamities and distresses to be saved from! Everyone has troubles. When we live with Christ, the Anointed One, as our King, we have the promise of salvation.

We need new hearts. We need to become new people.

We need to put off the old and take on the new. In other words, we need to die to self and live as Christ.

He is the Anointed One. We need His life in us to live an anointed life.