Lay Up These Words of Mine


We’re told to lay up these words in our hearts and souls. We’re told to keep them before us at all times, binding them as signs on our hands and foreheads and on our doorposts and gates.

We’re to teach them to our children when we’re sitting in the house and while we’re walking on our way and when we lie down at night and when we get up in the morning.

Day and night, night and day, God’s Word is supposed to be on our hearts and in our minds.

It’s what we bring up because it’s what we’re thinking about.

What is popping into your mind throughout the day? Is it God’s Word?

Teaching our kids God’s Word is not about choosing the right children’s Bible story book. It’s not about choosing the right activity book or journal.

You teach by example first and foremost. You have to have God’s Word in in your heart and soul.

The Bible says that out of the overflow of our hearts our mouths speak.

If your heart was overflowing with God’s Word, then that’s what would come out of your mouth.

If your soul was full of God’s Word, then that would be your default, your reaction.

How do you get God’s Word laid up in your heart and soul?

You read it. You listen to it. You keep it in front of you. You let God lead you to Scriptures for the day, the month, the year, and you keep them before you. You write them down and hang them up if you need to. You repeat them to yourself often, especially when they apply to the situation at hand.

When you pray, don’t let your mind wander. Speak Scripture, even if you can’t quote it perfectly, say it.

Meditating on God’s word actually implies mumbling, talking to yourself. Memorize verses and whole chapters of the Bible and repeat them to yourself until they are ingrained.

Look for God’s goodness in your day, in your rising and in your sleeping. Wake each day with thankfulness at a new day to live out God’s Word and to walk in His presence and bask in His love.