Saul’s regretting his decision again.

God is regretting making Saul king.

Samuel says that God is not a man that He should regret.

Regret, it’s a sad sigh, a wishing for things to be different. It can also be used as in changing one’s mind; I thought this is what I wanted, but I change my mind.

God is sad about Saul, but He’s not going to change His mind about removing the kingdom from him.

What is Saul regretting? He regrets that he’s going to lose the kingdom, this amazing blessing.

His response each time he’s caught in sin is to make an excuse. He’s caring about himself. He doesn’t fall on his face and tear his robe and repent for having sinned against a holy God. He’s loving Himself, not God. He’s not regretting that He hurt the heart of God.

What regrets do you have in life? What do they show about where your heart is?

I don’t want you to dwell on regret, but I think they can show where your heart is tethered.

If your regrets are anything but sadness over sin against your loving Father, then you need to examine your heart.

Can you give thanks for all those past circumstances because God is loving and good and only intends good for your life?

Can you look at your past and see that God’s goodness and mercy were following you all the days of your life?

Ask God to take those memories, those choices, and redeem them. God can make all things new. He can redeem, restore, bring life, and use for good any situation.

Don’t dwell on the past except to ask forgiveness, offer forgiveness, and thank God!

I guess one other thing you can do is ask for wisdom to not repeat the mistake!