Hating God

Have you ever made God jealous? You don’t have to carve a statue and bow down to it to make God jealous. We are not to bow down or serve another god. Bowing down, that’s worship.

In the end times, there is a mark related to Satan worship that sends most of humanity to hell. There’s not going to be a red man with horns saying “bow down to me!”

Satan’s been trying to get God’s people to worship him all along. Eve obeyed him in the garden. Cain obeyed him and killed his brother.

He wants you to need him and what he provides so that you’ll bow down to him to get it. He tempts with the lusts of the flesh while God requires our laying down of ourselves.

Satan offers money and power and the illusion of security and success and happiness. God provides actual security and joy with a focus on the eternal, not the world that’s passing away.

We talked about things drawing us from God. Are you bowing down to an idol? Does it have power and control over you, or can you walk away?

Are you serving an idol? Do you give your time, money, and energy to something that’s not God or God-ordained?

It can even be called ministry, but if you are doing it to build your kingdom, to glorify your name, to get recognition, to get approval, or anything other than doing it to serve God in obedience, then there’s trouble. You’re worshiping and serving something other than God, and God says that makes Him jealous. Then He equates it with sin and hating Him.

You can only serve one master. You are fooling yourself if you think you can have it both ways. Satan wants anything to be your master, anything but God. If you ever find yourself feeling like you have to do something that’s not God compelling you, STOP. Repent. Run back to Jesus.

Don’t serve money. Don’t serve honor. Don’t serve fear and anxiety. Don’t serve lust. Don’t serve your belly. Don’t let anything control you.

If you want to be free from the mark, bow down to one God only.