A Most Holy Offering

Leviticus 2 talks about the grain offering and the firstfruits offering. The description is to take part of the grain offering as a memorial portion to burn on the altar and remember the Lord their God. The rest is to go to Aaron and his sons. This is described as “a most holy part of the Lord’s food offerings.”

There’s no such thing as being so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good because a mind set on Christ is a mind set on others. A mind set on Christ remembers the poor and gives to those who can’t return the favor. A mind set on Christ serves and doesn’t expect to be served. A mind set on Christ gives generously and doesn’t expect to be given to in return. A mind set on Christ sees the need around it and meets the need if the Lord has given the means. A mind set on Christ shows and shares God’s love freely and fully. A mind set on Christ speaks the truth and doesn’t fear.

Giving food to the priests was a holy offering. God sees our love and care for others. It wouldn’t earn anyone favor with God to burn more on the altar and deprive the priests.

God used the children of Israel from the other tribes to provide for His children among the Levites. As the Body of Christ, we’re supposed to provide for each other. We’re supposed to take care of our family.

We can’t meet every need in the world, but we can work to meet real needs of the Body as the Lord makes us aware and gives us the means. It doesn’t have to be just money. It’s our time, our attention, our care, our prayers, our encouragement, our rebuke, our teaching, our sharing, our taking in, our sending out.

When our own body has a need or a hurt, we’re very quick to end our discomfort or pain if we have any way to do so. Do we react with such speed and concern when the need or hurt is in the Body of Christ?

When we show God’s love to the Body, it’s a most holy offering.