Fortune Telling


Why is fortune telling so bad? Why is it wrong for the Israelites to listen to those who try to predict the future?

There are many levels to this. One is that no one knows the future but God. Listening to anyone else is being willing to believe a lie.

Why do some really seem to know the future? Because they work with demons and the demons can see and hear what’s going on in the present day somewhere else. They can know if someone has bought an engagement ring and is planning on proposing. They can even see if that baby is a boy or a girl.

I hope that doesn’t tempt you to talk to someone who works in cooperation with demons! These psychics are either fakes and maybe good ones who know how to read your body language, or they are real only in that they listen to demonic knowledge.

I hope I wouldn’t even have to tell you that listening to demons is a bad idea. Why would you want to listen to demons? If they can convince someone to trust them by being able to tell something that happens that they know about, they can then mislead them into wrong choices for the future. They can’t know the future. They are not God. They work for the father of lies. Why would you listen to a liar?

Apart from all that evil stuff going on, there’s an evil in the heart that wants to know the future. It’s very human to want to know what we don’t know, to want to know the future. But what’s at the root of it? I think it’s the same sin, like wanting to be God. We want to know the future so we can know for ourselves and not have to trust. We can prepare. We can rely on ourselves. We don’t like the unknown. It scares us.

But the future is in our Father’s hands. He is already there in the future, waiting for us there as well as going with us on our way there. He knows the future. He knows the plans He has for us for the future. We can trust Him with our future. We need to leave it in His hands instead of planning out a second-rate version for ourselves.

We could never plan our future or prepare for our future in a way that’s remotely as good as God’s plan and preparation for us.

Determine in your heart to trust. Place your confidence in your Lord. And rejoice in today, this day He has made. We don’t need to know the future because we know our Father and He is our future.