The Lord says that the Israelites disobeyed His command to not fear the other gods.

It’s tough to obey a command to not fear.

Other commands? Let not your heart be troubled… Don’t be anxious about anything…

Tough commands to obey.

Remember why Jesus had to come? We couldn’t obey. We fell to the power of sin, over and over. Jesus had to come to buy us back from death and then He had to leave so that we could have the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit gives us the power to overcome, to overcome sin and obey. He gives us comfort; He’s our Comforter. We just need to believe, to trust, to surrender and lay down our lives to Him, and let Him work.

Gideon is not confident. He asks and then asks again to confirm that God is truly with him. God patiently does. You can hear our family stories about fleeces on our site on the Miracle Stories page.

And here’s an encouragement for you about what it feels like just before the victory. Gideon questions the Lord asking why all this was happening and asks where are Your miracles? That’s how he felt just before God moves. Gideon is wondering where God is, what He’s been doing, why all these bad things are happening, where are the miracles? But it only takes a moment for the Lord to speak the word and change everything.

He hasn’t changed while you’ve been waiting on Him, waiting on miracles. His power hasn’t changed, His love for you hasn’t changed. But your life will change once He speaks that word.

Don’t tire of waiting in His presence for the “Go.”