Whenever He Desires


A portion of Deuteronomy 18 reads: “And if a Levite comes from any of your towns out of all Israel, where he lives—and he may come when he desires—to the place that the Lord will choose, and ministers in the name of the Lord his God, then he may have equal portions to eat.”

Whenever he desires, he may come to minister before the Lord in the place the Lord chooses.

The door is open to us. The veil was torn. Jesus’ death bought us open access to the Father.

We still have a designated place of worship, but it’s no longer a temple or tabernacle. We are to minister to the Lord in the secret place.

And it’s open to us any time we desire.

What is the secret place? How do we enter there?

The secret place is where the Lord dwells. Psalm 91 says that the one who dwells in the secret place lives in the shadow of the almighty.

It makes me think of all the places in the Psalms where it talks about the Lord being our hiding place.

It’s being protected under His wings.

It’s being kept, guarded in His fortress.

It’s a place of safety, of rest.

The one who dwells, lives, rests in the secret place has their trust in the Lord.

The one in the secret place has peace and confidence because they have rooted themselves in the love of the Father to the point where they are at rest, trusting in Him.

The secret place is where you meet with the Father. It’s where you are told you are loved with an everlasting love. It’s where you know only good is planned for your life and you can surrender everything into your caring, capable Father’s hands.

It’s the place of warmth, of being wrapped up in comfort. It’s a place where there are no doubts, only assurance. And you know, that the moment any of that starts to fade, the secret place is open and welcoming and you can run back to the Father to drink again from the well of living water until His abundant life is bubbling up in you again ready to face the world. Of course, the goal is to dwell there and never leave. To live in the place of rest.