Commanded to Rejoice


The Israelites have a command: You shall rejoice. They have this command at the Feast of Weeks, which we know as Pentecost. When they present their freewill offering, they are to rejoice.

It’s a freewill offering. That’s how we’re to give, not under obligation but out of our own desire and with rejoicing.

During the Feast of Booths, they are to feast for seven days. The whole thing is supposed to be a joyful celebration. Why are they rejoicing? Because of the goodness of God. They are told that they are to give as they have been blessed by God. The offering, the rejoicing, is a result of the blessing.

They are told to feast for seven days “because the Lord your God will bless you in all your produce and in all the work of your hands, so that you will be altogether joyful.” Again, the rejoicing is the result of God’s blessing.

Are you blessed? What’s your definition? If your eyes are on the cross, then you will live in a state of constant blessing.

The cross is the measure of the greatest love you’ve ever been shown.

The cross is where God’s wrath was satisfied so that you wouldn’t have to suffer under it.

The cross is where you are washed clean and made holy and righteous and acceptable.

The cross is where death and sin and brokenness and pain and suffering and lack and shame and separation are defeated.

The cross is part one of redemption. The new life can’t happen unless death comes first.

The cross put an end to those things, but the resurrection brought redemption to those things.

In the resurrected life of Christ that we receive by the Holy Spirit, death turns to life, sin is overcome, brokenness becomes wholeness, pain and suffering turn to healing, lack turns to plenty, shame turns to love, and separation turns into acceptance.

The cross is your constant blessing. The Holy Spirit’s new life presence in you is your constant blessing.

Jesus said that the Father will give the good gift of the Spirit to His children who ask, so if you are His child, ask for the good gift of the Spirit. Live in the constant blessing of His presence.