Sarah Laughs at the Promise

The Lord appears to Abraham. He comes with two others, whom we assume are angels. Abraham serves them food and they eat. The Lord is not in a hurry. He waits for Abraham to get the meat prepared. He eats. It is then He states His business. Of course, He fits into the culture. He’d probably appear to an American differently.

Or, maybe this is why there is a warning to show hospitality. Are we too busy to welcome others to interrupt our day, to stop and serve them, and to wait for them to be ready to share what’s on their mind? How many times might we have missed a visitation because we didn’t take the time to welcome and serve?

Abraham does, though. He has the promise of Isaac repeated to him again. Sarah overhears. Apparently, this is news to her, as if Abraham didn’t mention it to her. Does he not believe, or is he scared of her response or how she will feel?

Sarah laughs as Abraham had. She knows she’s old. She knows that ship has sailed. She looks at the flesh. She looks at the circumstances. She looks at herself and thinks it’s impossible. She’s not believing who God is and who He is to her. She gets a little fear of the Lord and denies laughing. He assures her that He knows she did.

God still keeps His word. He doesn’t take back His promise. His word is binding. It will come about as promised and on time. God is not slow in keeping His promises. He is always on time. He acts on purpose. His timing is always foreknown, planned, and on purpose. God acts on purpose and for a purpose.