Noah Walked with God

Like Enoch, we are told that Noah walked with God. Adam and Eve walked with God. We were created to be in a relationship with God and walk with Him. Sin separated us. Righteousness brings us back together. We come to righteousness by faith. We know Noah had faith, or he wouldn’t have obeyed and built the ark.

We’re told some crazy things about the earth. There’s something about the sons of God taking wives. In 1 Corinthians, women are told to cover their heads because of the angels. Does it have a connection to this event? I don’t know.

We’re told there are Nephilim, whom the Bible describes as mighty men of renown. That always makes me think of characters from mythology. Maybe their horrible stories were inspired during this time. We’re told people’s hearts were always set on evil. We are told the earth was full of violence and that all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth, all flesh. No one was about to be punished unfairly. God is just and righteous, and He didn’t make a false move before, during, or after the flood.

He finds Noah blameless in the generation. Noah has a wife and three sons. They all get saved. They will bring sin into the new, clean world.

If God wanted to get rid of sin, why did he let anyone survive? He wanted people. They were his children, created to be in His image, like everything in the garden that produced after its kind. He saw Himself in Noah, by Noah’s faith leading to obedience. Noah’s seed, his bloodline, was saved too. We’re to pass on the seed to the next generation.

In the New Testament, the seed is the Word of God. We’re to plant God’s Word in our children. We’re to tend it and watch it grow up until it produces a bumper crop of faith and righteousness. We need to have the seed to plant it. It should be in us and as we die to self, it should sprout up and grow and scatter to others around us.

Is your home an oasis of peace, joy, and love in the middle of a world of evil? Is your home a place that brings God peace, joy, and love in the middle of an evil generation? To do that, it needs to be a place of faith and obedience. Noah had to trust God.

Do you have that kind of faith? It’s the kind of faith that can soothe the grieving heart of God.