God of Justice

God doesn’t ask anything of us that He hasn’t done Himself. He doesn’t ask us to act justly without acting justly Himself.

God plans on destroying Sodom. Abraham knows that’s where Lot is. Abraham believes Lot is righteous before God. God has plans to destroy Sodom. Why? Because they are sinners? Because they aren’t walking in the Way? Because they are more wicked than the rest? No, because of the outcry.

The righteous are in distress. They have cried out to God. If God called down fire on everyone who sinned, the world would have been very short-lived! None of us would be here today. God acts in justice on behalf of His children, on behalf of the chosen, those He has chosen and who have chosen Him, those who keep to the way.

When we read in the prophetic books of the Bible about the great destruction of places like Assyria and Babylon, we are reading about how God has listened to the cries of His people. We’re hearing about how He will defend them, stick up for them. We’re hearing about how justice will be done in their case. It’s not about paying back evil for evil. It’s about showing love to God’s people.

Abraham keeps to the way. He has a right standing before God and has a relationship with Him. He can stand before Him and speak. He reminds God of His justice, and God agrees that He will not sweep away the righteous with the unrighteous.

God distinguishes. He draws lines. He knows whose are His. He can send punishment on a city, on a nation, and yet save an individual in it. What’s punishment for one can be a discipline for another. One is turned away forever; another is drawn in closer by the very same act.

It’s God’s justice in action. He is just and will always act justly. He will bring about justice in your case. The devil has stood before God accusing you, but God will judge in your favor because of the blood of Jesus. He will order the recompense due in your case.