On the Tenth Day of the First Month


We read that the Israelites came up out of the Jordan on the tenth day of the first month. The first month is the month of Nisan, the month of Passover and Easter.

Now, here’s Exodus 12:3 mentioning that same date. “Tell the whole congregation of Israel that on the tenth day of this month each man must select a lamb for his family, one per household.”

Forty years earlier they were preparing to leave their land of captivity. Forty year later, on the same day, they are entering their Promised Land.

Both situations involve following God’s commands. Both involve trusting God to be their savior, their deliverer.

They had to obey and act by getting the lambs and taking the ark into the river, but then they had to wait on Him to do the rest.

They had to wait on the miracle.

In both cases, not waiting on the miracle would have led to death.

We tend to get wrapped up thinking the other way around, that we have to step in and do something.

We end up following the wisdom of man and submitting our bodies, minds, property, and even our children to all the “shoulds” and “supposed-tos” society tells us, instead of turning to God and meditating on the Scriptures He gave us so we can remember who He is and hold on and wait.

We refuse to wait. We refuse to trust. We think we have to _______ (whatever it is). But the ways of the world lead to death. It may seem for the moment a victory. But a life that is reliant on self instead of reliant on God is walking in the way of death.

At some point it will fall out from under you to the point of you not being able to save yourself with all the methods at your disposal. That’s on purpose and for your good. God wants to save you! He will help you get to the point of leaning on Him for salvation.

It’s a matter of life and death. It’s only by faith that we are saved.