The Temptation

The world isn’t just as it should be, so something happened to ruin the perfect world that God created.

There’s someone we call the devil, or Satan, or Lucifer. In my family, we just call him the enemy. He was also created by God. He was so enamored with himself that he thought he should be God. He wants Adam and Eve, these people created to obey the one true God, to follow him as their god instead.

Satan is a deceiver. He lies to people and tries to trick people. He takes things that we shouldn’t do and tries to make them look good to us.

God had given Adam and Eve one commandment, one rule. Don’t eat fruit from this tree, or you will die. Satan tells her she won’t, but that she will become like God.

This is Satan’s sin, to want to become like God. He uses this to wield his power on earth. He looks for people full of pride, people who hunger for money and power, who desire the things of the world so that he can trick them into thinking they can become like God.

There were communist leaders such as Mao Tse Tung who wanted his people to worship him. These leaders set themselves up as gods. They are in league with Satan. This is the anti-Christ spirit, the spirit that wants to replace Christ.

Anytime you see someone or a group of people in an organization or government trying to play God, you can know you are seeing Satan at work.

What does it look like? What about cloning? Trying to play God and create life. What about manipulating elections? The Bible says God puts leaders into place, so anyone trying to control elections or who forbids elections to just put themselves in a place of power is trying to play God. What about those who decide what’s right and wrong? God’s word tells us right from wrong. Satan wants to try and change God’s word, wants to try to convince others that God’s word is wrong.

Keep your life free from the love of money. Keep yourself free from the desire for power. Keep humble before God. Worship God alone. See Him as your source of power, provision, and love of life.