Esau Sells His Birthright

Esau comes home hungry. Jacob has some lentil soup prepared. Esau asks for some, and Jacob takes advantage and asks him for his birthright. Esau says, “I’m about to die of hunger, so what good would my birthright be to me anyway?” Jacob makes him swear and Esau does; he swears to give Jacob his birthright.

What were Esau’s rights that he gave up? Isaac was given everything because he had the birthright. Esau was due to inherit his father’s wealth. And, as will come into the story, he gave up the blessing of the firstborn.

Of course, Esau didn’t die, so the birthright was still of great value to him! He was looking at his flesh at that moment. He let his flesh and feelings rule him, and he had no eternal outlook at all.

The world teaches us to live for the moment. We’re to live for eternity! This moment is fleeting, but there is an eternal reality. Do you stop to think about what the choice of this moment means for eternity?

What is important in eternity? Our love for God and others. And that’s what does matter in each moment.

Each moment we keep our eyes on Jesus and live out love. We love the people around us. They will matter in eternity. We don’t want anyone to lose their right to be a child of God because we were thinking of ourselves at the moment that God placed them in our lives.

See God’s eternal purposes working out through your everyday. He is with you and working all around you. Ask God to open your eyes to His eternal purposes and make them your own.