The Promised Land

When we talk about the “promised land,” we use it as an expression that means something is wonderful, desirable, the thing we’re longing for. What does the phrase mean, though? Promised is an adjective telling us about the land. It was promised. The Biblical promised land was the land of Israel.

Way back in the time of Abraham, in the time of ancient Egypt, thousands of years before Christ, and even before there was a man named Israel, God promised the land of Israel to the people of Israel. The Israelites were known as the people of the promise. They were the ones to receive this promised blessing. They were chosen before they existed to live in the land God promised to Abraham.

God made a covenant promise. God cannot lie, but He made this promise even more sure by sealing it with a sacrifice. It was a blood oath. God defined the land that will be known in the future as belonging to Israel. Jesus will come to earth and reign from there. Jerusalem is its capital and Jesus will rule from there.

Jerusalem, Salem, shalom, peace. It will be a place of peace. Israel is known for anything but peace. That will be true until they recognize their Savior, until they submit themselves to God. They have been a rebellious people. God’s words spoken against them have all come to pass or are coming to pass. But all of His words spoken for them have also come to pass and are coming to pass. All of God’s words will come to pass.

The promised land of Israel was given by God to Abraham’s promised children, the Israelites. No one will be able to prevent God’s word from coming to pass. He has given it to them, and it will be given to them. They will live in their land fully. And the one true God will be their God. They will be His people. And He will dwell among them. All according to His word, which can never be broken.