Joseph Interprets Dreams

Joseph describes the prison as a pit. He sees a way out when two of Pharaoh’s officials are imprisoned as well. Joseph is in charge of taking care of them. One morning he sees them troubled. They had both had dreams about the number three. The dreams seemed significant to them, but they didn’t know what they meant.

Joseph recognizes God again, saying that God is the one who interprets dreams. He claims no ability of his own. He interprets both dreams correctly: one will be restored to his post as cupbearer, and the other will be hanged. Joseph knows the interpretation will come true. He believes in God’s ability to interpret dreams and to do it through him.

He believes enough that he tells the cupbearer to remember him when he is with Pharaoh. It’s the first kind of whine we hear, that he is in this pit and he had been stolen from the Hebrews. That’s how he described what his brothers had done to him, kidnapped him. He doesn’t mention his brothers selling him into slavery. There’s no mention of his brothers at all. He has made up a story that is palpable to him to share.

The cupbearer doesn’t remember Joseph until two more years have passed. We don’t get to hear from Joseph during those years to hear how he’s holding up in the pit. Pharaoh has had a dream, and he’s desperate to know what it means. The cupbearer knows the man for the job, and Joseph is cleaned up and brought before Pharaoh.

It always amazes me when Pharaoh asks Joseph if he can interpret the dream, and Joseph answers no. I want to be like that. I don’t think I am. I want to not only acknowledge God as being the one with the abilities and gifts, but I want to be brave like that! I’m always afraid Pharaoh is going to yell, “Off with his head,” before Joseph gets to the part where God will give him the interpretation.

Do you recognize all your gifts, talents, abilities, blessings, possessions, life, everything that comes from God and is not of your own doing? Do you recognize the part He had to play, from designing you and creating you to bringing you to this point today?

If you say you do, how do you show it? Have you said, “It’s not I,” today? Have you said, “I can’t, but God can?” Do you have the faith to say such things? Do you know He’s working in and through?