God created man in His own image, in His likeness. A seed produces fruit after its own kind. Apple seeds produce apples. You plant a cucumber seed and you get cucumber. Monkeys give birth to monkeys. No pregnant woman gets an ultrasound wondering if it’s going to be an elephant or a lion, just a boy or a girl. A seed produces its own kind.

Our Father is God Himself. When sin entered into the picture, our image of God was marred, distorted. We no longer looked just like Him. And because our image of Him was distorted, we no longer saw Him in the right way. Most humans didn’t recognize God anymore for who He was, or they would have honored and worshiped and obeyed Him.

One thing Jesus did with His death on the cross was make the way for the restoration of His image in us. 2 Corinthians 3:18 says that believers are being transformed back into His likeness, from glory to glory; more and more we are being changed back into His image, with His character, nature, and authority being built back into us more and more.

God ruled the universe. He gave man authority over the earth. It was our job. We lost it, but believers are taking back our rightful position. As Jesus’ return gets closer, believers will get closer and closer to this image of Him that we were always supposed to have. When Jesus returns, we will get new bodies and reign with Him. We will walk in His authority, with his nature and character.

God’s glory at work in people could be seen from the beginning. One of Adam’s descendants, his great-great-great-great grandson, walked with God. He knew His creator. God granted to him the wisdom of understanding who He was, and Enoch chose to walk with God as Adam had done. In doing so, He’s our first picture of rapture, of a believer not dying, just being brought directly to be with the Father. He gets the honor because He walked with God, he bore His likeness. If we bear His likeness, we can walk with Him and He can carry us away to be with Him.