Each and Every One

In this chapter, we read about all the specifics for the tent and its sections. We have the Most Holy Place. There is a veil that separates it from the Holy Place. That veil kept even the priests out for all but one day a year. It’s what was torn when Christ died so that we could enter into God’s presence freely.

Sometimes I have wondered why there was so much detail included. As a number person, I could appreciate all the numbers. I notice in the Scriptures when things are perfect cubes and such. It wasn’t until I knew an artist that I appreciated the details of the colors used.

There are lists of names in the Bible that some consider tedious. To others, they are of utmost importance. There are parts of the world where they don’t ask, “What do you do?” but “Who is your father?”

God speaks all of our languages. And while He is big and amazing enough to use absolutely any verse to speak to anyone, there are special things in Scripture for special people. He knows how to reach each of us.

There are no unimportant parts of Scripture. There are no meaningless passages. He has a reason for them. They are God’s very words, so for that reason alone they demand respect, not a yawn and a page turn.

God knows each of us individually. He can speak to me with numbers and show me His love and care for me. He can speak to my artist daughter with colors and show her His love and care for her.

He has intimate knowledge of each of us, and we’re all important and special to Him. He knows His children and knows how to reach each one.

See Him in the details of the Scriptures and in the details of your life. He’s making Himself known.