Devoted to Destruction or to God

You need to remember who our God is when you read things in the Bible about people needing to be put to death. For instance, those who sacrifice to other gods are said to be devoted to destruction. In other translations it just says they are to be utterly destroyed.

That word “devoted” means to be set apart. In the final verse of Exodus 22, God says that His people shall be consecrated to Himself. They are to be set apart for Him.

Holy, set apart, consecrated…they are all the same thing. Sanctify is to make holy, to set apart, to consecrate. They all serve the same purpose. To make us God’s alone.

I’ve mentioned the mark of the beast. It’s a mark of worship. Whose are you? It’s determined by this setting apart. Will you be marked for Christ, or will you be marked for destruction?

Is your life set apart for God’s purposes and His glory? Or is your life set on your own purposes and glory?

Do you do good because you are a good person, or do you do good because God is good and His life is in you, because you can’t be good without Him?

Do you know which is which? If you struggle to see and know the difference, then you haven’t been set apart.

Go to God and repent of going your own way. Seek Him. He promises to be found. Give over your life to be set apart for Him, not just to save yourself, but because He is worthy of your life.

In this chapter, it’s those sacrificing to other gods who are devoted to destruction. Where do you make sacrifices? Be honest with yourself. Look at the places where you are willing to make sacrifices. Is it for money, for your kids’ success, etc.? Or are you truly only living as a sacrifice to God?

If you find you’re sacrificing in the wrong ways, repent. Maybe do a fast, make that sacrifice to show God you want to be devoted only to Him.

There’s no both/and here. There’s a choice that has to be made.