Go after God


The Philistines show fear of the Lord and send a guilt offering to the God of Israel along with His Ark. They aren’t sure if it is the Israelite’s God or not that has been heavy handed on them. They put out a test and it is confirmed that it was the God of Israel.

This would have been a good time to fall on their faces and get rid of their other gods. They don’t go that far. They go back to their insufficient gods.

Why would they do that? Do we do that? You bet we do.

Ever turn to anything other than God, say, when you are stressed? But God is our comforter. Why would you look anywhere else?

Ever turn to anyone for love and affection other than God? But God loves us perfectly, why seek love elsewhere?

Ever try to do something to protect yourself (2020, I’m looking at you) instead of turning to God to be your shield and fortress and refuge? Why would you do that when God is big and strong and rules the universe, having authority over all heaven and earth and His promises are sure and faithfulness unchanging?


I hope you haven’t gotten this far with falling on your knees, at least in spirit if not physically.

We have to turn to God. We have to always turn to God. He is our hope. He is our confidence. He is our life.

Everything else is death.

He is life.

Are you choosing life? Are you choosing life with your actions? Your actions will tell you what you believe. Who or what you run to will show you what your heart is really after.

David is known as a man after God’s own heart.

Pursue the heart of God. May you know His perfect love and be filled with all the fullness of God so that all fear is driven away and you can live in the rest of His perfect Presence.