The Curse

Through the disobedience of Adam and Eve, sin has entered the earth, and the human race has struggled with the problem of sin ever since. Ever since, we have been born with an evil heart, one that wants to rebel against God. Little children don’t need to be taught to be selfish. It’s in their nature.

Adam and Eve and the human race are put under the curse of sin. Sin separates us from God and all the life-giving that means. They will no longer have unlimited provision at their fingertips. They will work for their food. Pain and suffering are introduced into the world. Death is introduced into the world. Women are told men will rule over them. It’s part of the curse, not God’s way.

Adam and Eve had had free access to the tree of life in the garden; now, they are forbidden to be in the garden. They lost eternal life, and they lost their sweet fellowship of walking with the Father in the cool of the day.

This curse is why Jesus had to become a curse for us. He had to take away our shame and this burden we couldn’t free ourselves from. Covering up our sin only held it close to us. We needed it as far away from us as possible.

Jesus took our burden of sin, our shame, our curse. He hung on the cross and took our punishment for our sin, which was death. His blood spilled for us is how we can be forgiven.

We are washed clean by His blood when we receive His perfect gift of forgiveness, when we believe what He accomplished on the cross, freeing us from the curse of sin.

Sin no longer lives in our hearts. Sin no longer binds the Christian. The believer is free in Christ Jesus to choose not to sin. We are free to live in God’s provision and God’s life.

The believer has eternal life that we receive by faith and then just continue in as we die from this earth. The believer stands righteous before the Father because as far as the east is from the west, He has removed our sin from His sight. He sees His perfect children, those He created perfectly on purpose and for a purpose.

There was a curse put on the devil that day as well. His destiny was sealed. He was to be crushed by Jesus. The blood of Jesus didn’t lift Satan’s curse; it brought his curse to pass.

On the cross, Jesus defeated Satan. The devil is a defeated foe. The believer is no longer in Satan’s kingdom; we are in God’s kingdom. We have already conquered death and the devil. In Christ, our future is sealed, and so is the devil’s. There’s a pit with his name on it.