Tower of Babel

People begin to multiply and build towns. They get the idea to build a tower up to heaven. They want to make a name for themselves. Do you think this is a sign of people trying to play God? Is this the antichrist spirit at work in man?

They think that in doing this, they will be able to keep their strength concentrated around this great monument and keep themselves from being scattered everywhere. Of course, people aren’t God. The thing they were trying to prevent is the thing they accomplished. God scatters them across the earth.

But before that, God has a fascinating conversation with Himself. I’m assuming it’s the Trinity speaking amongst themselves. God says that nothing would be impossible for man. Nothing would be impossible!

To slow man’s progress toward the wrong goals, God confuses their speech, and different language families are born.

God reverses this in a way when He pours out His Spirit on the day of Pentecost. People of every language can understand the apostles speaking about Jesus and praising God.

And now, the Bible tells us, nothing is impossible for the one who believes. God’s Holy Spirit is also drawing us all back together into one, united body. We will no longer be scattered. We will be the one body of Christ, and nothing will be impossible for us.