Set Apart

God lays down the law of the Passover. It is for everyone who separates themselves unto the Lord. He particularly says there is one law for everyone. There is a distinction and it’s not Jew or Gentile; it’s holy unto the Lord or not.

As Gentile Christians, we’re not second-class citizens in the heavenly kingdom. We are part of Israel, the chosen, God’s people, sanctified and made holy, set apart for Him and His purposes.

The Israelites left with a mixed multitude, but they were all welcome at the table, foreigners and slaves alike. However, the males had to be circumcised. They had to be marked, set apart for God. Hired workers weren’t included at the table, but the slaves were – only those who had been bought for a price, the Scripture says.

Jesus welcomes us all to come to the table because we’ve been bought with a price. He gave His life. You were bought with His blood. We receive that gift of cleansing by His blood and that blood marks us so that death passes over us.

We see another hint of Christ as the Passover Lamb in this section of the Scripture as the Israelites are told not to break any of the bones. It is prophesied in the Old Testament that the Messiah’s bones would not be broken. The other two on the crosses by Jesus had their legs broken, but not Jesus.

During the annual Passover celebration, they are to remove all leaven and not eat anything leavened for a week. Then there’s this verse: “And it shall be to you as a sign on your hand and as a memorial between your eyes.” A sign on the hand and forehead. What does that sound like? That other mark in Revelation?

We are marked for God in so many ways. Every time we choose to reject the world’s ways and follow God’s ways, we are marking ourselves as belonging to our Heavenly Father.

Remember, there is always a separation, a distinction. You are sanctified by Christ and made holy and separated to the Lord, or you aren’t.

No work makes us holy. Not eating bread isn’t going to do it. But Christ can do it. His work is accomplished. We just need to receive it and show it by walking in it.