I Took Him


The Lord speaks through Joshua to briefly tell the history of the relationship between God and His people Israel. The story starts with Abraham’s father and his father and father’s father. It says they served other gods.

God had not personally, intimately, made Himself known at that earlier time. He was known in the stars and in the thunder and in the mountains and the flowers, but He hadn’t revealed Himself to His people personally.

Out of these people who worshiped other gods, God takes Abraham. The ESV has God simply stating, “Then I took your father Abraham from beyond the River.” God took Him.

What that looked like was God telling Abraham to leave his home, and Abraham obeys. Then God reveals Himself to Abraham. Over time Abraham will have a few personal encounters with God.  God will show His faithfulness and blessing. Abraham shows his allegiance, choosing to obey.  Abraham chooses to trust and obey. God does the rest. But to even get to the trust and obey part, God had to act. God called Abraham.

God gives us the chance to act, to trust and obey. God’s faithfulness and blessing are on the other side. What we see before us is the leaving behind our understanding, all that we know that seems smart, true, logical, prudent, practical, safe, convenient, comfortable.

But God doesn’t just call us. He gives us everything we need to obey. He is even the author of our faith. So, before you use an excuse of “I can’t,” rethink what you’re saying.

Have you ever thanked God for taking you out? To be separate, to be holy, to be His, we have to first come out. We have to be called out.

When has God called you out? Did you go? Have you thanked Him for taking you out?

If you can’t see a time when you turned from the old to embrace the new God was calling you to, surrender your life to God. Tell Him you’ll follow and listen for the call to trust and obey.