Only God is Worthy


Joshua 24 is the final chapter in the book of Joshua. It’s Joshua continuing his challenge to the people of Israel to follow the Lord, to make their choice and not waver from it. It contains the famous verse, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

He tells them the Lord will fulfill all His promises and fight for them if they love and serve Him. He also warns that He will drive them from the land if they worship other gods.

Why would a selfless God care about people worshipping Him? I have heard atheists call God a megalomaniac, someone who is crazy in love with himself and thinks he’s so great. Anyone else calling themselves the things God calls Himself, would be crazy, would be a liar, would be someone to stay away from. But, with God, it’s all true. He is worthy to be praised. He is all powerful, all knowing, in control, faithful, just and pure.

But why demand worship? Because the alternative is worshiping other gods. There is no such thing as a non-worshipper. Everyone worships something. Everyone is in love with something. It may be themselves.

What’s wrong with loving and worshiping people and things other than the one true God? Because then people put their faith in those things. Then people talk about how great those things are and turn others to their false gods. Because any other god will not lead people in truth, and justice, and righteousness, and goodness, and love. All other gods lead to death and all the pain that’s associated with sin. The worship of any other god leads people away from selfless love, away from truth and justice, away from joy and peace.

He wants good for His children. He is the best, so He wants them to have Himself. Out of selfless love, He wants them to have Himself. It’s the best He can offer and better than anything the world has to offer His children.