The Song of Moses


There is another time when it is warned that the people will turn away from God; not just when there is trouble, but when everything is good! God says when He’s provided abundantly and they are full and have grown fat, they will turn to other gods.

He provides a song to confront them, to keep the truth before them. It’s known as the Song of Moses.

The song reminds them of who God is.

He is their Creator. He is their Father. He is just and faithful towards them. He is perfect and without sin. He gave them their inheritance. He found them and cared for them. He held them as the apple of His eye. He guided them and provided for them. He fed them. He gave them the best, the milk and honey and fruit of the land. He is the Rock of their salvation. He caused one to send a thousand in retreat, two to turn back ten thousand. There is no god beside Him.

They will be faithless, but He will be faithful.

He is coming back for His children. He will redeem His people Israel, but many will be lost, have been lost because they turned to other gods and didn’t live in thanksgiving and worship of the Great God.

He kills and makes alive. He wounds and heals. He brings vengeance.

He will vindicate His people, take away their blame. He will have compassion on His servants when He sees their power is gone and none remain.

He is faithful. He is just. He is unchanging. He is their God. He is our God. He will never fail. Love never fails.