History Alive

Submit a Project (Open January 15 – February 15)

Winners will be posted on March 8th.

The Process

Create a video teaching us about a historical person or event.

You could create a documentary type video or film yourself or your group performing a play. An individual monologue would work for this.

Videos should be three to ten minutes in length.

Your video should end with a bibliography and a thank you to those who helped and how they helped.

This page has documentaries and performances of national winners with these types of projects at National History Day.

The Submission

You will submit a link to an online video of your presentation when you pay your application fee. Submissions will be viewable by everyone. Content must be appropriate for all audiences. I have the right to refuse to post your submission based on content without refund.

The Judging


  • Well-chosen topic,  New point of view,  Production and production techniques,  Titles
  • Hint: A well-chosen topic is specific or unique.
  • Thoughtfulness of execution,  Clear,   Showing the time and effort put in, Bibliography shows research was done (look for primary sources!)
Educational content (teach us) 
  • Historical content, Accurate portrayals,  Meaningful

Script Content

  • Well written,  Topical,  Interesting format,  Meets length requirement

Visual content 

  • Quality of images and sound, Care in costumes and set,  Techniques used,  Titles and headings

Each category 20 points