History Alive

Winners will be listed here on March 1st

Submit a Project (Open January 15 – February 15)

The Process

Create a video teaching us about a historical person or event.

You could create a documentary type video or film yourself or your group performing a play. An individual monologue would work for this.

Videos should be three to ten minutes in length.

Your video should end with a bibliography and a thank you to those who helped and how they helped.

The Submission

You will submit a link to an online video of your presentation when you pay your application fee. Submissions will be viewable by everyone. Content must be appropriate for all audiences. I have the right to refuse to post your submission based on content without refund.

The Judging


Professionalism/Quality (Quality of images and sound, care in costumes, set, etc., showing the time and effort put in)

Educational content (teach us)

Script content

Visual content

Each category 20 points