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EP Tees for Fall

I no longer sell t-shirts that I buy in bulk and ship from home. Twice a year I plan on doing a shirt sale where you can order your shirt directly and they will ship it to you. The shirts will arrive mid November.

I tried something different this time and am not doing our traditional t-shirt. We will likely have those again in the spring. I chose a long-sleeve shirt and pulled the EP out of our logo, for a simple, muted look. If you like it, maybe it would make a great Christmas present for your favorite EP kids.

They are available only during the month of October, until October 30th.

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ep fall tee

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Life Update

I told you around this time last year that my family was getting a Habitat for Humanity house, an ADA compliant house that my son in a wheelchair would be able to get around in. Well, it turns out we’re not. When we applied, we told them that we would only qualify financially for eighteen months. They obviously accepted us knowing that. Their program was eighteen months and it all seemed to align perfectly. My husband was in an eighteen-month master’s degree program. Afterwards, he would be working. He would earn more money and push us over the edge of the low-income limit placed on families to qualify for a house.

We were told last year that we shouldn’t plan on our house taking the full eighteen months because they were “getting houses done in a year.” Why they would say that to us when it was so obviously untrue, I have no idea. Even this spring we were told the house would likely be complete this summer because a contractor was going to do it and could get it done within three months.

After hearing nothing all summer and Habitat not calling our required quarterly meeting (again), my husband called a meeting to find out what was going on. He was told that next September was the earliest possible that the house could be done.

When my husband’s final course is finished in December, he’s not going to refrain from working more so we can stay poor enough to qualify for a home. I’m sure you can support us in that decision!

Of course, that doesn’t all of a sudden give us enough money to buy a house; even if it did, there’s no such house on the market. We were going to be getting a brand-new one-level home with four bedrooms, ADA compliant, and something that really excited me – solar panels. It was going to cost around $100,000 for us which we could pay interest free.

We have no debt, so an interest-free mortgage felt much better to us than a traditional one. Still, we were planning to pay it off as fast as possible, though we recently learned that Habitat would own part of the equity on our home for 30 years. We didn’t like knowing it wouldn’t really be ours.

Our current home is my childhood home, which growing up housed just four people, now it holds ten. We live with my parents. The house is on three floors and the changes in flooring between rooms and the cramped space make it so my son in a wheelchair can’t go more than a few feet before he needs help. His special toilet is in the basement (just over a bucket), so he can’t get to the bathroom on his own.

Because my son gets no practice at home getting himself around (he’s working on learning to use a walker), we send him to school. He went to a reverse-mainstream preschool, and now he goes to a mainstream kindergarten class. Thankfully, we’re in a top school district. He gets therapies several days a week at school, but we of course desire to have him home. We were planning to start homeschooling him once we moved into that Habitat house that’s now not going to happen.

So, in some ways my heart is broken. I’ve wanted my own home for the last twenty years. It’s something I had to give up to serve overseas. But now I want it for my child. He wants to chase his brothers around. He can’t. If we had the space, he’d be able to follow them around in his wheelchair. Right now, he’s carried around the house mostly. Obviously, that’s not sustainable.

At the same time, this is a great place to be, reliant on nothing but the grace of God.

A Letter from an Educator

Here’s a letter I received in my inbox.

July 7, 2018

Good Morning Lee,

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Debbie Lucas and just last year I retired after more than 30 years in education. Most recently, I served for 20 years as a Christian school administrator. Upon my retirement, my family and I made the decision that my oldest daughter and I would homeschool my five amazing grandchildren who had all been attending the Christian school where I worked.
We started our year using the Charlotte Mason approach and loved much about it, but as an educator, there seemed to be some things missing. Almost daily I was researching for the right curriculum or curriculums that would meet the needs our little homeschool group we call Arrow Christian Academy. One evening I came across Cathy Duffy’s review of Easy Peasy and I began implementing some pieces in our daily routine. The kids absolutely loved the variety and their ability to move along at their pace and my daughter and I loved the structure and ease of planning.
Your curriculum not only makes homeschooling affordable, but the excellence with which you have put together the daily lessons makes it one of the very best I have ever seen. Educationally, your curriculum is sound and very rigorous, while at the same time attainable for all children. I would like to commend you for the time and effort you have invested in developing All In One Homeschool. You have truly done what most would think impossible, but that’s how our God works when we follow Him. Our plan is to use your full curriculum this year with a first grader, third grader, fourth grader and two fifth graders. I can’t wait to see how our little bunch will grow!
Thank you for blessing so many with so much. I know you have followed the Lord sacrificially and we are most grateful for all you have done and continue to do on behalf of homeschool families.
May God richly bless you and your family as you continue to serve and follow him.
Truly Grateful,
Debbie Lucas
[underline added]

What’s New on the Site?

We released Language Arts 5 without any fanfare. There have been several things that have been added to the site that I want to let you know about.
Tomorrow I’ll be doing this as a live announcement on my Facebook page and then will open it up for questions about it all. That will be Tuesday, May 1st, at 1pm EST.
I want to let you know that LA 5 is released but also that there is something different about it. Do you notice something different about the title of this book?
It’s called a lesson guide, not a parent’s guide. We have made both the math and language arts for level 5 for the students to use independently. That’s a change from the other levels.
All workbooks were made to be used along with the online course or with the guide. For instance, Language Arts 5 has several readings in their lesson guide that they will need. Also, the LA 5 workbook does not have 180 pages. When they work on a big paper over several days, I suggest they type it. Any little writing assignments that are to be done just that day do have a page in the workbook.
We now have book bundles. You can buy everything for a level with one button, all the reading, writing, and math. Each bundle comes with a free book. It’s cheaper than ordering them all on Amazon with Prime, not to mention much faster and easier. 
The information is up on our site about Spanish and ESL classes this fall. The who, what, where, when, why, and how is all there on the Language Live! page. I will open registration this summer. If you want to be notified first when that happens, get on our mailing list from the Language Live! page and check the box saying you are interested in those classes.