Homeschooling Is Not the Answer

Homeschooling is not the answer. Now, to be clear, school is definitely not the answer! Easy Peasy’s curriculum is not the answer. Neither is any other. This book, that method, this resource, that game, this strategy, that set-up. None of it is the answer to whatever the situations are that your family is facing.

We all love an easy-to-implement program. Can we all say Easy Peasy? We don’t know how to fix our problems, so we rely on people who seem to have fixed theirs. The bad news is that no other person can figure it out for you and solve your problems. The great news is there is Someone who has all the answers.

Jesus is the answer. He’s the answer to everything. Yes, everything! Why do we turn to blogs and friends and online searches and try this and that and the other for our dilemma of the hour when we have the perfect source for all wisdom and knowledge? It must mean we either don’t have a relationship with Him or we don’t know Him well enough to believe He will hear and answer our prayers.

How can you get a relationship with the source of all wisdom and knowledge?

God is the perfect everything. That’s man’s problem. We got ourselves separated from this perfect source by our sin, our selfishness, this dumb idea humans have that we know what’s best for ourselves and that we should do as we please. It leads to every mess of a situation life brings to us.

To come to God, we have to humble ourselves and admit that we aren’t God. Understatement of the century! We confess that we no longer want to try and control our lives, and we give our lives over to Him. We ask Him to forgive us for all our sin, all those things we do that hurt ourselves and others, and ask Him to come into our lives to be our Father, to teach us, take care of us, and show us the way to live.

He can forgive us because Jesus took the punishment for sin, which is death. Jesus, as God come down to us in the flesh, was the only sinless, perfect person ever; He was the only one who didn’t have to die for His sin in order for justice to be done. That made Him able to take our death sentence for us, since He didn’t need to die Himself. He sacrificed Himself for us. When we are forgiven, we can receive His life in us. He comes to us by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit makes His home in us, and we let Him live His life through us.

With His ever-presence, we have the source of not just wisdom and knowledge, but the source of all true love, joy, peace, faithfulness, and so much more goodness than you can imagine.

If you have made this step or find yourself in the other category of just not knowing God well enough to trust Him to be your help in everything, consider reaching out. I have tons of Bible teaching on the site. The study called This Is Eternal Life might be a good place for you to start.

This year’s September Study will be released at the end of August. It’s called The Suffering Servant. Find purpose and joy in the trials and tribulations! For September, we’re all getting a free month of Mr. Phil TV, from Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales. More on that when I release the September Study.

Good Morning, Lord! These are 2-minute teachings going straight through the Bible that you can read or listen to. There are more than 400 so far. You can find this on My EP. I was adding them to a playlist on Youtube, but I am thinking of not continuing that. If you really like having them as a playlist, you can ask me to keep adding them there.

Reminders from God’s Word – These are video teachings from various Scriptures. Lots on freedom from sin and God’s working salvation in our lives. This is a new page and I’m just adding as I have a new lesson I want to share. At the moment, I’ve been doing about four each week. There are just a couple dozen videos so far. This is NOT on My EP. If these are meaningful to you and you want to help out, consider helping with captioning.

Miracle Stories – Be encouraged to trust God to provide and protect and be your Good Father! I will at some point add more stories. There are new ways God is teaching us to trust Him to take care of us. He’s a good father! If you enjoy these, consider volunteering to help with captioning. That’s the hardest part of doing videos.

7 thoughts on “Homeschooling Is Not the Answer

  1. Felicia Ann Kruse July 10, 2022 / 8:25 pm

    I’m struggling with my belief in this. How can God be who He says He is and yet children are murdered in classrooms, dying from starvation, people are dying because of wars and diseases, and yet we continue to call Him good and loving but it sure doesn’t seem or feel loving to have a loved one ripped from your arms because of the heinous ways to die. Why do these things still happen and our loving God not rescue them from it? Why is He letting all of the horrible things happen and not just ending it all and coming back to make things right? How can I believe in anything about Him other than that He is not there and doesn’t care or He would put an end to it all and make things right?

    • Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool July 10, 2022 / 8:45 pm

      He will come and make an end to it and make it right. He gives us the choice to love Him. Most choose to reject His love and so we find a world full of hate and evil. God is patient to not destroy the world again just yet so that more of us get the chance to know Him and His love. God is love and can NEVER not be loving. He doesn’t force Himself on us. He waits for us to welcome Him. When you have the good and loving God in your life, then all suffering is transformed into God working out His good purposes in your life. It all becomes a reason to rejoice. It’s a peace and joy and love that makes no sense from the outside, but it’s very real when you are in it.

    • Robyn July 10, 2022 / 9:08 pm

      God gave us free will. We have choices. Our choices have consequences. Because we have free will, we are faced with choices & the outcomes of those choices.
      God will return & make everything “right” one day.
      God wants us to want Him & need Him & seek Him & rely on Him. He wants us to want to have a relationship with Him.
      God does not MAKE evil happen. He ALLOWS things to happen because of our free will.

    • Daniela Bodnar July 10, 2022 / 9:33 pm

      English is not my first language and I can’t explain exactly what I want to say but you can use google translate for it.

      Inca din gradina Eden Dumnezeu l-a lasat pe om cu dreptul sa aleaga intre bine si rau
      Dumnezeu este in control in momentul cand noi il chemam sa fie,
      Suferinta face parte din viata omului de la primul pacat
      Cand Isus a fost pe pamant El a vindecat doar pe cei care au venit la El – este o conditie a implicarii lui Dumnezeu in viata noastra( rugaciunea )
      Dumnezeu nu ne-a promis ca vom fi scutiti de suferinta ci ca va fi cu noi si vom trece cu bine prin ea
      Cand stii ca esti in planul lui Dumnezeu ai pace chiar si in boala sau necaz
      Am vazut puterea rugaciunii de multe ori in viata mea si chiar interventia miraculoasa a lui Dumnezeu de multe ori
      La cat de mult s-a departat omenirea de planul si voia lui Dumnezeu eu ma intreb cum de ne mai rabda pentru ca El este bun cu cei ce-l cauta dar este si “un foc mistuitor”
      Noi am vrea ca el sa fie un fel de “ lampa lui aladin” sa ne implineasca toate nevoile dar noi sa stam indiferenti de planul Lui
      Daca credem asa nu am inteles nimic din cine este Dumnezeu si care este planul Lui cu privire la oameni
      Te-as sfatui sa cauti un pastor sa pe cineva care sa iti explice despre planul lui Dumnezeu
      P.S.Dumnezeu ne-a lasat pe noi,crestinii,sa ne implicam in salvarea si ajutorul oamenilor,dar doua tari ortodoxe se bat intre ele🥺 -tot Dumnezeu e de vina?
      Imi doresc mult sa gasesti pacea in Isus Hristos

    • Amie July 10, 2022 / 11:15 pm

      I hear your angst at not having answers as to why bad things happen to our children and others. It’s important to remember that we have all been born into sin, and as painful as it is to lose a loved one, God may be using such tragic situations to draw His beloved children back to Him, because we all have a tendency to take our eyes off Him when life is “good”. Other times, He may truly be saving them, by removing them. As someone else has said, He doesn’t desire any of us to parish, but to turn back to Him. That doesn’t mean that we escape pain, disease or death upon salvation. When we choose Him as Lord of our lives, we are promised eternal life at the end of our lives, a life God has already written. It means that He is our comforter, our source of strength, our everything for when tragedy hits. It means that we can rejoice in all circumstances. We are called to spread the Good News to all, in order that they too will have the opportunity to choose God and be freed from the bondage of sin. God loves us all so very much, and He desires us to love Him in return, and His people ❤️

  2. Tamara July 10, 2022 / 9:11 pm

    Great post and great response to your comment. Personally, my family has been with EasyPeasy since we started homeschooling. Since before my 9 year old daughter went into her last seizure… I deeply understand the loss and suffering this world offers. However, it started in the garden, based on choice. Not that WE done anything to have our babies taken to be with Him. But that a curse was sent to the whole human race, based on choice alone. That one act of disobedience brought suffering into our world. And Jesus said the servant is not greater than the master. If He suffered, so will we. So will humanity as a whole. Suffering hurts but, if you know in your heart that you will see them again, it does make this life a little more bearable. For Christians, we will suffer and if we don’t, we may need to check our own hearts. Because suffering, in a sense, is mercy. It wakes us up to the thoughts of eternity.

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