How Can This Be Free?

I shared the story about $1000 showing up in the bank as my latest miracle story. This is a fuller version of the story that I shared before on the site. It’s outdated at this time as my husband now helps me with EP as his work!

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool

Below is something I posted about six years ago. I wanted to share it with you too. Someone questioned how this site could really be free.

How can this be free?

Part 1 – Stepping out of the boat

Why would I offer this for free? Let me tell you a piece of my story.

My husband and I have served the Lord overseas for more than 10 years. For several years we raised the money that we received monthly from our agency. When we came home on furlough, we spent each weekend in a different church, sharing our stories and hoping for financial support.

In 2008, we felt convicted to leave the system. We didn’t like it being such a business, a job. We thought serving the Lord should be 24/7/365, not a 40-hour week. My husband also felt like he was “unequally yoked” at his job teaching English…

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