The King Will Make a Way Group

Date: Last Friday of each month

Times: 11 AM (Eastern Time) (Your Time Zone)

Who: Let’s say 10 to adult. We have adults join with no children and children join without adults. This is intended for those who have read The King Will Make a Way. You may join if you haven’t read the book, but we may be talking about things you don’t know what we’re talking about and you may hear spoilers! Unless people have questions, we’ll be doing Bible study.

You can come one time only, come every time, whatever you like.

What: I’ll take questions on the book and we’ll talk Bible. Right now we are studying Esther.

Where: Zoom Link Below

11am (Eastern) zoom link  Passcode:  193898

Make sure you can find this page to get the link when you need it!

Check this page for any information about when the group will be meeting.