This is something I posted on facebook more than four years ago, and it just came back to my attention. I don’t think it ever made it onto the blog, and I thought it would encourage you.

While this is an important lesson for those just starting out homeschooling, it’s also a great reminder to all of us: each child is different and each family is different. I like to say that homeschooling is an extension of parenting. Each family does things their own way and that should be reflected in your homeschool. What that means is that your homeschool shouldn’t be a reflection of the school you just pulled your child from.

Do you like to sit on the couch and read together? Then by all means homeschool on the couch not at a desk. If you like to be outside, get the readers and take your books outside. Do you like order and schedules? Then get your work done on the clock. Like to go with the flow? Then follow an interest in history and do several days at once and come back for the science topic another time.

Skip this, add that…I have made the Easy Peasy curriculum to be complete and to not waste a lot of time, BUT you can twist and turn it to fit the shape of your family.

We don’t test because we don’t grade. We don’t grade because we’re not sending home report cards. We know everyday what our children are getting and not getting. We have the freedom to pause and to work on something if need be. There’s no behind in homeschool. You just keep taking a step forward. As long as there is a step forward, you are heading in the right direction, no need to worry about levels and grades.

I hope you have fun having your kids home with you. I hope you can find your family’s homeschool groove and your unique one-of-a-kind education.