I just wanted to remind everyone that we don’t have any records of your children’s work. Even though we have My EP Assignments now, we are not keeping any records. Even though technically we could see that your child is on Day 34 of Math 2, we couldn’t officially make a record of that because we have no way of knowing what work is actually being completed.

When the students do an online activity or take an online quiz, there is no record of what was done or how well they did. You need to check in with your child to make sure they are completing their work. You can have them take a screenshot if you want them to prove their scores or that they finished an assignment.

We are not a school, not a program. We’re just a homeschool curriculum. Please don’t list us on your forms for the school district as the school your child is attending. We get contacted by schools often asking for verification that a student is attending or asking for their records. We can’t provide them with those things. You are your child’s teacher and you are the school administrator! You can make records for your child and turn them into the school if they are being requested.

Our courses do have course descriptions and reading lists on course pages to help you with your records and you can even point people to the site to see what the assignments were for the courses you used. We do suggest you keep at least minimal records, something from each subject at least once a quarter. We have reminders in our courses about that to help you out. You can keep written work, but you can also take screen shots of online activities.