For those with kids who will be using First and Second or Language Arts 1 or 2 this year, I wanted to point out a little project of mine. With the help of a couple of wonderful EP mom-editors, I’ve put together pdf packets of all of the copywork from those two levels. They are linked in the notes at the top of each of those level and course pages. 

LA2 copywork cover

See Inside – This is available for printing from the Language Arts 2 page.

If you want to print them, they are there for you. If you’d rather not print up to sixty pages, then you can buy them as a workbook. They aren’t anything fancy; I just made them for your convenience. They are all of the sentences and words the students are instructed to copy. The day number is at the top of the page and then what they are to copy and then blank lines. This way they don’t have to copy from the computer, and you can keep all of the copywork in one place.

For the first level, I also made the copywork as tracing. It’s available in both forms to either print or buy.

Tracing EP copywork cover

See Inside – This is available for printing from the Language Arts 1 page.

They are all available from our EP Store if you’d rather have them all of the copywork together in a book.

Language Arts 1 Copywork

Language Arts 1 Copywork as tracing

Language Arts 2 Copywork

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  1. Aubrey July 20, 2015 / 3:03 pm

    Thank you so much for making these tools available. I makes an already easy to follow program even easier.

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