Middle School Math Update

The Math Ages 10+ page has gone through some transformations. I’ve even added some to the high school section.

The biggest change is added courses to the middle school math program and some more direction for Khan Academy. I have completed the Khan Academy checklist. It’s 11 pages. The link to download it is on the Math 10+ page. I’m going to make you go there to download it because I want you to read the changes on the page.

I’m also making a Khan Academy page. It will probably be labeled as Step 1: Khan Academy and will appear on the right hand side with all of the other courses under the Math 10+ page. I am going to make a day by day for Khan Academy with links for the videos and exercises you should do. It won’t be 180 days. It will just be an order to progress through. I’m not going to put it right into 5th grade because at this point in math I know that kids are at different levels and some need more time to get through certain exercises.

I have two kids using Khan Academy this year. I’ve checked off what exercises they’ve done and today directed them to exercises they had skipped. I’ll have them fill in the gaps and then move forward, in order. At this point I’m not going to have them do review exercises. I want them moving forward. I do suggest that the 4th graders using this just stick to using the PRACTICE section of the site and do the suggested exercises and review exercises. They have time.

So check out the math page update and the new Khan Academy page.

One thought on “Middle School Math Update

  1. Stephanie Beard September 14, 2012 / 1:41 pm

    Thanks so much for doing all this work FOR US — I know it isn’t easy! Loved the new links yesterday for MS math. My son isn’t a great reader, so all the video links really help us a lot. Have a blessed school year with your kiddos, and congrats on the new one coming along.

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