Oral Responses

I was just writing up Bible questions and wanted to point something out. There are times when I specially say, “Write…” Other times I just ask questions. My daughter loves to write. Doesn’t type. She writes in cursive in notebooks. She’s my artist. She will write out answers to everything without being told to write out answers. My oldest son hates to write. Types everything, even if it’s just a sentence, unless I make him write by hand. I let him answer a lot of those questions out loud to me. Especially with Bible, I don’t want to make it work. When they are done their day’s work, I have them go through their assignments with me. I open up their page and ask about each thing. My son will tell me the answers to those questions then. That’s fine with me. There are plenty of writing assignments where they need to write out full sentences or paragraphs. You can find what works best for your family.