Pre-K Is Finished

I think I’m finished with “Getting Ready 1!” It starts with the alphabet and ends with them reading McGuffey’s Primer. I’ve begun on “Getting Ready 2” which will go through McGuffey’s First Reader and phonics. They will be great readers by the end of the two years. These years also cover counting one to one hundred and few other basics like shapes and colors.

You’ll notice lots of new additions to the site as I begin planning our new school year. My family won’t start using those links until the summer. I’m just preparing at this point. I suggest not using the pages under construction or at least waiting until September so my family can test them first.

I’ve also finally added the algebra course I had been waiting on. I’m really excited about it. It’s a really great course with engaging videos and online practice problems with immediate feedback and more.

Please always leave a comment on any page with a broken link to let me know what needs fixing.