Update – Good Morning, Lord

This affects anyone who has gotten past Lesson 9. You need to add 3 to your lesson number to find your place.

I added in a few new lessons towards the beginning, so your day numbers are off by 3 days. You can:

  1. use the Settings page to add three to your lesson number
  2. use “Did More?” to check off three extra days
  3. just scroll back these next few days and read the new lessons, while checking off each day.

The account of Noah was three and a half chapters in one day. I originally thought I would do these by stories, not by going straight through the Bible, but once I got into doing them, I realized I was going through the Scripture and using all of it, not just jumping to stories. I had gone back and added some into the beginning before I released this, but I couldn’t bring myself to redo Noah. I finally went back and tried, and Noah’s one lesson split into four. That adds three new lessons, pushing everything back. Here they are if you want to see them.

Lesson 9

Noah Walked with GodGenesis 6

Lesson 10

The FloodGenesis 7

Lesson 11

As the Days of NoahGenesis 8

Lesson 12

The Rainbow PromiseGenesis 9