Thinking Levels 4 – 6

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Course Description: Students will develop their logical thinking skills while engaged in fun games.

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Choose an Activity

Logic puzzles are listed in their computer lessons

Algebraic Thinking

Backgammon  (How to play)

Block Triangle Spatial Reasoning

Brain Teasers and Math Puzzles  on the right it lists the level of the problem



Connect the Dots  (This can be downloaded on Kindle Fire. Search “A Dot Game.” It’s by Permashock.) Click on the green flag. Click and drag to connect the dots into a picture. Click the green flag to start a new drawing with new dots.


Disc Throw

Free Cell  (This game can always be won.)

Gem Collector

Light the Christmas Tree

Logic Games

Loot the King   Click on wooden objects to make them disappear. Knock out the guard by causing anything to hit him. Reload the level if you need to try again. (Alternate Link)

Master Mind

Math Puzzles

One Move  You just move once to make everything fall down. When a row is created, it disappears and more will fall down.

Quiddler  word game

Rhythm (new) Different sort of game, but I decided to put it here.

Scrabble  word game

Scratch  drag and drop programming  (Create your own. Don’t click on other games. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the other games contain. Have a parent check anything out before you look at it.)

Set Game

Sokoban NEW (Needs a keyboard. You are the blue character. The goal is to push the blocks onto the circles.)

Solitaire  (how to play)  If you click on the New Game menu, you can choose Winnable hand. Here’s another site with all the solitaire games have a winnable option. Choose from the +New option.

Sudoku online, you can choose your level on the left


Woblox – logic, puzzle game with levels

Word Puzzles

Logic Puzzles (Give them a try. It will direct you here on weeks 10 – 12.)

Level 4 Students

Here’s a lesson on how to solve these.

Here are puzzles to try.

Level 5-6 Students

Logic Grid try it and walk through how to solve it

Logic Grid printable (Answer)

Online Logic Grids by difficulty