Thinking Level 2

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Course Description: Students will develop their logical thinking skills while engaged in fun games.

Level 1

Level 2

Start with these. Go in order.

  1. Week One : Try a puzzle.
  2. Week Two : Try a puzzle. This one has more pieces. One strategy is to find the border pieces and move them to the correct edges.
  3. Week Three : Solve the cookie cutter problem.
  4. Week Four : Solve the Pop Pick Puzzle.
  5. Week Five : Solve the Hats puzzle.
  6. Week Six : Solve the Car Colors puzzle.
  7. Week Seven : Shells at the Shore

Choose a Game:

Puzzle Blocks  You can click on the blocks to turn them. You are trying to make them all fit in the space.


Connect the Dots  – Creativity Game(This can be downloaded on Kindle Fire. Search “A Dot Game.” It’s by Permashock.) Click on the green flag. Click and drag to connect the dots into a picture. Click the green flag to start a new drawing with new dots.


Disc Throw

Jigsaw Puzzles

Hexagon Fall


Leap Frog

Loot the King  Click on wooden objects to make them disappear. Knock out the guard by causing anything to hit him. Reload the level if you need to try again.

Math Word Problems with pictures

Musical Memory Click on Free Mode.


Set Game


Visual Memory

Water Sort

Woblox – logic, puzzle game with levels