EP Tees!

It’s that time of year again. Actually, I almost forgot about our EP-tees this year. Ordering is open for TWO WEEKS. The last day is the 19th (May 19th). The shirts will be shipped directly to you. The cost is $15.


ep shirts
An Old Family Photo! The two oldest are now taller than me. Can you tell how much our kids love getting their picture taken?

Short Story Contest

$500 in prizes!

The first EP Competition is open!

We’re taking short story entries from today through May 15th. There are two age divisions 8 – 12, 13 – 17, unless we get enough great entries, I’ll divide it up more and hand out more prizes!

Please share with your homeschool communities! It will be more meaningful the more entries we have. Registration is open to homeschooled students, but they don’t have to be using EP.

Short Stories Contest — Get the Details

EP Competitions Page


Language Arts 7

It feels like a long time coming, but we have Language Arts 7 out! I hope this is a big help to your families.

This means that Language Arts 7 can now be completed as an offline course. It also means that the printables for the online course are available as a packet or workbook.

Every time we get worksheets or lessons or games onto our site, it means we can’t lose them. We’re not at the mercy of another site. It’s good for everyone each time we make progress on something like this.

Thank you to Tina Rutherford for making the worksheets for the course and to Holly Dunn for her eagle-eye editing.

You can find the link in the store under 7th Level Books and EP Language Arts.


EP Competitions

Learn about them here!

Growing up I participated in National History Day competitions, where you research a topic and present your research. I was in the Media category and did slide shows. Very old fashioned now! I also did speech competitions. So, here’s me trying to recreate a piece of my childhood. 🙂

Right now I have chosen three competitions: science, history, writing. There’s a cost to enter because I want quality submissions and I want to offer prizes!

They will be held throughout the year. The dates for submissions are on the EP Competition page, found under the About in the menu. The first up is the spring competition, short stories. In the fall, there will be a science fair. In the winter, it will be history, where you will make a video on your topic.

Start brainstorming! And share the news. It will be much better the more people are involved! It’s for homeschoolers ages 8 – 17.