Once-a-Week Courses

PE/Health, music, art, computer, and thinking are once-a-week courses (in levels 1 – 8). They will always appear on the parent’s setting page, but they will only appear on the student page on the day they are scheduled in the curriculum. Music appears on curriculum days ending in 1 or 6. Computer appears on days ending in 2 and 7. Art appears on days ending in 3 and 8. Thinking appears on days ending in 4 and 9. PE/Health appears on days ending in 5 and 0. If the student does not complete the assignment, it will not show up the next day. It will show up the next time that course is assigned in the once-a-week schedule. The incomplete assignment will still be there waiting.

If you want those classes to show up every day, then remove them from the Settings page. removing courses

Click on the Extras page link under all the courses.

Extras Page

You can add these courses there and they will show up every day to use as you choose.