Completing a Day

Subject boxes start off dark yellow. That’s how they look before you click the Lesson for that day.

Using Lessons 1

Marking Your LESSONS Complete

When you click to see your lesson, you’ll notice that the box has turned light yellow.

Using Lessons 2

The STUDENT should click on Needs Work when they have finished their lessons. That will reveal a green check mark and a red X.

Using Lessons 3

Later, when the parent checks the student’s work, the PARENT can either click the green check mark to mark that lesson complete or the red X to indicate that more work needs to be done. Clicking the green check mark will make the box turn white and dim the subject name and lesson number.

Using Lessons 4

Marking Your DAY Complete

If you have all your course lessons marked complete, a check mark will appear at the top of the page.

Day check mark

Click on that to move the day number forward and reset the page for the next day.

Completing A Partial Day

If you want to mark the day complete but not all assignments are complete, go to the Settings page (Parents link), and click on the check mark by the day number at the top of the page. Do not mark the green check mark from both the Student page AND the Settings page. You only need to mark the green check mark on the Settings page if your student did not complete all subjects for the day.

Settings day check mark

Video Walk-Through