Checking Work


Checking Your Student’s Work

Subject boxes start off dark yellow. That’s how they look before you click the Lesson for that day.

Once your student finishes their assignments, it should be a lighter colored box because they click on it.

And then they should click on Needs Work to get rid of that since it’s not true anymore – it doesn’t need work. And then the check mark is there for you.

You can check assignment-by-assignment or at the end of each subject or at the end of each day. I call my kids over one at a time at lunch time to see who’s done, see who we can get checked off. If we need to, we do it again at dinner time. Make sure everything is checked off. You want to do this every day, so you can get it into a routine. Meal times are a really good anchor in the day for things you want to make sure you do each day.

So, call the student over, open up their student page, look at their assignments.

If there’s a worksheet, look it over. Ask what they read, how their game or activity went. Talk about it together. Did they get them all right? Did they have any trouble? If they struggled with something, open it up and do some together. Do what you need to do to make sure they got it. And then you can either click the red X, which will leave it there for the next day, or click the green check mark, which means it’s done. Here’s how it looks after you click the green check mark.

My kids either show me their written assignments, like from their notebook or workbook or a document on their computer, or sometimes they will send it to me in an email. I just make sure that I have seen their work.

You’ll look over each subject and check off each green check mark. Each time you mark a subject off, they get 100 points. When all the subjects have been marked off, you’ll check off the Day and that marks the day complete and gets it all ready for the next day.

If you leave a subject for tomorrow, you won’t see the green check up by the Day number on your student’s page. You’ll need to go to your Settings page to mark the day off from there.


There’s nothing on the EP site to do with the points your student earns. They are just for you. You can do food rewards like an M&M for 100 points, a bag of chips for a couple days’ work, etc. My kids can pick out an ice cream flavor that is just for them or their own box of cereal that is just for them. They can buy board game time with me or restaurant time with dad. That’s 100,000 points. Think about how that could fit into your family. And if you just want to ignore it, you can ignore it and just let them see how many points they can rack up.

You can add to the points on the Settings page if you ever want to give them points for something else, like doing chores. When your student redeems points for a reward, you can subtract those from their total on your Settings page.