New Math 1 Course

What’s new and how does it affect you?

The big difference in this course is that I moved all the facts to this level. Instead of going up to just 5 + 5, they go up to 9 + 9. Instead of just learning to 10 – 5, they learn to 18 – 9.

For those currently in the course, this means I need you to be working on those math facts with your child. Use XtraMath, a workbook, flashcards, songs, dances, quiz each other before you get a snack or tablet or other preferred activity, etc. Make it a family affair and keep it up.

When you finish Math 1, you’ll go into the new Math 2 course. Please realize that 6 + 6 is the same concept as 5 + 5. Your child isn’t missing any education, no new concepts here. They just need to work on the facts. You will just continue to work on them during the year.

Your math course will remain on My EP for now. I would like to take it down over 4th of July weekend so it’s not confusing for new people coming in to have two Math 1 courses. You will be able to add it from the Extras page, Learn How.

If you are just starting or coming from Kinder Math, you’ll go to the new course. It’s labeled as EP Math 1 – New 2022. In July, the NEW label will come down and the old course will come off the main Settings page. Make sure to use the NEW printables or NEW workbook to go with the NEW course. If you are using the workbook, please make sure to get the NEW parent guide as well. They are meant to go together!