Math Books

Math Facts Practice Books

These books start with an introduction to the facts and then the same practice sheet for each day. There are sixty pages of the same practice page. They get to improve little by little every day. There’s a spot to record the day’s score and an answer sheet. Subtraction has a unique addition review on each page. Multiplication has a unique addition and subtraction review on each page. Division has a unique multiplication review on each page.

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Addition Cover

Math Courses

We have Math 1, 2, 3, and 4 available as complete offline courses. See placement guide.

There are three books available for each math course. The Printables book replaces everything you would need to print out when using the online course. This includes the answer key to all of the included pages. The Workbook has 180+ pages of math activities. There is a page to complete each day along with extra pages they will use for math facts practice on some days. The Workbook can be used along with the Parent’s Guide to create a full, 180-day offline course. The Parent’s Guide is a step-by-step, day-by-day guide that will talk you through each lesson and how to introduce new concepts to your child. This book also includes objectives for each day, materials marked where needed, directions for what to do each day, and the complete answer key.